ICE2024-International Congress of Entomology2024(第27回国際昆虫学会議) ICE2024-International Congress of Entomology2024(第27回国際昆虫学会議)

Plenary Lectures

List of Plenary Speakers

Plenary lectures will be delivered by scientists of international prestige in their field.
Nancy A. Moran

The University of Texas at Austin, USA
August 26 (Mon)
Title: The Tangled Bank of Insect-Microbe Symbiosis

(c) Bengt Olofsson, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Fredrik Ronquist

Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden
August 27 (Tue)
Title: A New Era of Insect Diversity Research

Yupa Hanboonsong

Khon Kaen University, Thailand
August 28 (Wed)
Title: Edible Insects: Promises and Challenges

Juan C. Corley

CONICET/National University of Comahue, Argentina
August 29 (Thu)
Title: Understanding the Population and Behavioral Ecology of an Invasive Forest Insect: Insights for Sustainable Pest Management

Rosemary Sang

August 30 (Fri)
Title: Scaling Up Integrated Surveillance to Combat Arbovirus Transmission and Emergence, A Perspective from Kenya

Ryohei Kanzaki

The University of Tokyo, Japan
August 30 (Fri)
Title: Learning from Insect Intelligence - From a Nature-Centered Perspective -

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