ICE2024-International Congress of Entomology2024(第27回国際昆虫学会議) ICE2024-International Congress of Entomology2024(第27回国際昆虫学会議)


ICE2024 – Presentation Awards

XXVII International Congress of Entomology (ICE2024 Kyoto) has established two Awards to young scientists and women scientists.
Approximately 10% of nominee will be selected by all participants foreach award. See below for details.
for Young Scientists (ICE2024-PAYS)
for Women Scientists (ICE2024-PAWS)
Approximately 10% of nominee will be selected through a vote involving all participants based on collectively evaluating factors such as research contents, the clarity of the presentation materials, and the effectiveness of the explanations.

The Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture and Award Ceremony

The Filippo Silvestri Memorial Lecture and Award Ceremony

The 2024 Awards from the Council of the International Congress of Entomology (ICE)

The Council of the ICE announces the recipients of the 2024 Certificates of Distinction and Certificates of Merit.
The following six outstanding entomologists will be honored at the ICE2024Kyoto.

Certificates of Distinction (Career Achievement Award)

– John H. Borden
– Michael R. Strand
– Maria Fatima Grossi de Sa
– Frederic Francis

Certificates of Merit (Mid-Career Award)

– Jun-Bo Luan
– Silke Sachse

For more information on the nomination process and the next 2028 Award, please visit the following website (YouTube).

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