ICE2024-International Congress of Entomology2024(第27回国際昆虫学会議) ICE2024-International Congress of Entomology2024(第27回国際昆虫学会議)


Q:Where is ICE2024's information?
A:Please check this page.


Q:When is the deadline for Early Bird Registration?
A:Early Bird Registration deadline is December 15 2023. Please check this page.

Q:What is a "Developing country" in the Registration Fee category?
A:We follow the World Bank Criteria(2021) to define a developing country. The countries that can be registered as developing countries are "LOW-INCOME ECONOMIES ($1,085 OR LESS*)“ and "LOWER-MIDDLE INCOME ECONOMIES ($1,086 TO $4,255*)." Please visit the World Development Indicators(2021) to see the category of your country/region.
*GDP per capita

Q:In case if I’m the student when I register but I’m not student when I join the conference, is it allowed to register as a student under the student registration rate? Or does it have to reflect the status in the time of conference?
A:The category "Student" is for students at the time of registration.

Call for Symposia

Q:When is the deadline to call for Scientific Symposia?
A:The deadline is June 16 2023.
Please review this page to register.

Q:Can a scientific convenor propose a symposium as an organizer?
A:Yes, a convenor CAN submit a symposium as an organizer to any scientific section, or rather it is very welcome! If it is submitted to the section in which he/she is the convenor, it will be reviewed by another convenor for a fair evaluation.

Q:Can a single person be the organizer (or the co-organizer) of two or more separate symposia?
A:Yes. There is no rule about the number of symposia organized by a person. But we would ask you not to be the principal organizers in some symposia. It may impose restrictions on the program because the organizer or one of the co-organizers will chair the symposium.

Q:Can a single person have more than one presentations in ICE2024?
A:One participant can have only ONE oral or poster presentation in ICE2024. Please check this page.
However, the plenary presentations and talk in Women in Entomology and citizen programs are exceptions.

Q:Is there any format for the abstract of presentation?
A:No, there is no format or template for the abstract of presentation. Please submit your abstract from the website.
For more information, please check Guidelines “S” and Guidelines “G”.
You can submit from "Call for Paper" site which will be start from September 1, 2023.

Call for Paper

Q:When will it start to call for papers?
A:It will start from September 1 to December 15 2023.


Q:When will it start to call for Exhibitors and Sponsors?
A:The application is already started. The application deadline is shown this page.

Q:Is there a nursery room?
A:The fee varies depending on the number of users; around 3,000JPY to 5,000JPY per day. We will show detail information later.

Q:Are the congress venue and accommodations accessible by wheelchair?
A:Yes. All facilities associated with the congress venue and accommodations are wheelchair friendly.
Accessibility of the congress venue:
Accessibility of accommodations:
The all following hotels have 1 or 2 rooms suitable for wheelchair users, and are easily accessible by subway.
Kokusaikaikan Station is the closest station to the venue.
Kyoto Yamashina Hotel Sanraku
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Sanjo
sequence KYOTO GOJO
Hotel Honno-ji

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